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Elemental's Demise - Chapter Six - Part 2
The next day the sun was shining again as they moved on down the road, Gabe consulting a roughly drawn map, every now and then adding a landmark, to use for directions. For a man who could neither read the written word nor write it, he was surprisingly adept at reading maps.
He was considering it now. Looking from the roll of leather hide to the surrounding area, studying the shapes of trees and rock formations, which way the road led and the way the lake bent.
            “We should be arriving at the crossing within the next few hours.” He reported, rolling the map and tying it shut before placing it in his saddlebag.
            Alaina frowned. “Crossing?”
            “Aye, we catch a ferry across the lake to get to the road that leads to Teeka.”
            Alaina chewe
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Elemental's Demise - Chapter Six - Part One
They stayed another night in Gir's hotel while Gabe organised his things and sorted out business for while he was gone, setting out early the next morning with Alaina and Luciana travelling in the caravan and Gabe sitting astride a wide backed bay mare. Gabe was taking his role as protector seriously, digging out some of his old leather armor from when he had been a soldier and strapping it to his large frame, carrying a sheathed sword on his hip, a quiver of arrows on his back and a bow over his shoulder.
Luciana hadn’t been impressed with the addition to their group and had shown it with a full screaming, fist banging, foot stomping tantrum, before disappearing into the caravan to her bed where she had remained all night and most of the day, only emerging at midday for something to eat. Alaina had been surprised that Luciana’s glare hadn’t scorched a hole through Gabe’s armour, it had been that vicious.
For the most part Gabe managed to ignore Luciana since sh
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Elemental's Demise - Chapter Five - Part Two
That afternoon Gabe appeared at the tavern door. Alaina had just finished her midday meal of bread and stew followed by a slice of fresh apple pie. Serena had been fussing over her all morning like a hen with only one chick. She had hovered until Alaina forced herself to eat just to make her go away. Gabe stopped in front of the bar to get a drink then dropped into the chair across from Alaina, much to her surprise. After his display of temper that morning Alaina was surprised he wasn’t personally showing her the way out of town and presenting her with spare caravan wheels, should they break again, just so she never had to come back.
Serena stopped beside the table and put a plate of food down in front of him.
            “You mind ye manners, ye hear me?” Serena said sternly. Gabe grumbled his reply. When Serena’s back was turned and she had taken a few steps away from the table he muttered to Alaina.
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Elemental's demise - Chapter Five - Part One
Alaina sat on a tree stump, her eyes on the book she was reading while Luciana made a potion to fight the effects of all poisons. She had been working on the same potion every night for nearly a month, adding herbs, plants, flowers and animal parts as she thought of them. The list of ingredients now in the potion covered a full page of paper in Alaina’s small, neat scripture.
The warm glow from the fire beneath the cauldron painted her in orange and lit the immediate area in cheerfulness but cast shadows across the pages of her book. As time passed and her eyes tired the words blurred and became hard to read.
Her mind began to drift to the past and a new wave of sadness washed over her. She had lost so much in the last year and so many questions remained unanswered, the only people capable of answering those questions were either dead or missing from.
            “Alaina!” Luciana’s sharp reprimand broke her
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Elemental's Demise - Chapter Four
Chapter Four
Alaina was awoken from a deep sleep by warm sunlight shining onto her face. Above her was a peaked wooden roof with dried herbs and plants drying on strings tied to its supports, swaying with each jolt of the caravan wheels.
She pushed herself up onto her elbows to better establish her surroundings and realised her outer garments had been removed and that she appeared to be lying in a cot that was attached to a wooden wall by thick black chains. The mattress beneath her was hard but smelt of fresh straw with a hint of lavender and the blanket that covered her was of soft, clean wool.
The wall directly across from her contained a medium sized square window that was open to allow the breeze to clear the air. Through it Alaina could see trees plodding by. Most of the walls were covered in shelves that creaked under the weight of hundreds of jars, books, stones, skulls and other objects that she didn’t recognize. At her head was a table with baskets of fresh flowe
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Elemental's Demise - Chapter Three
Alaina’s eyes snapped open and she lifted her head off the open book and parchments on her desk that she had been using as a pillow. The hair all over her body was prickling and her heart raced in her chest. Between her breasts Theandal’s orb burnt so coldly it was like fire.
Her bedroom window shattered in a flurry of deathly snowflakes, landing in glittering shards across the floor and an icy wind blasted into the room, carrying with it the sounds of manic laughter, high pitched giggling and piercing screams.
The carved wooden door slammed open and Tyrion stood there in his night clothes, his weakened hands around his sword hilt. He had been sick recently and still hadn’t recovered properly. Even in the soft white-blue light coming from Theandal’s orb she could see the shimmer of sweat on his upper lip and his slightly glazed eyes.
                “It’s wights! They’ve
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Elemental's Demise - Chapter Two - Part Two
Alaina hated the way people stared at her when she accompanied her father to town. She hated the way their eyes followed her, the whispered exchanges behind raised hands and the way the people having conversations suddenly stopped talking when she drew near.
If Tyrion was aware of any of these silently hostile behaviours towards his daughter he ignored it. Jaleesa wasn’t so reserved. If she heard anyone say anything against Alaina then the person was subjected to the blade-like sharpness of her tongue.
It was one cool spring morning travelling into town for supplies when a pebble came flying over the hedge, hitting Alaina’s shoulder, causing her to cry out in pain and surprise and jerk precariously in the saddle.
Five young boys ran out from the cover of the hedge that edged either side of the lane, laughing and giggling as they disappeared through another hedge, heading in the direction of the largest local town.
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Elemental's Demise - Chapter Two - Part One
Chapter Two
“Father, where did the wights first come from?” Tyrion looked up in surprise from reading Alaina’s school work and studied his young daughter. He was aware that she regularly day dreamed and he often wondered about the many things her sharp young mind studied during these times.
He placed the sheet of parchment that was an essay on the correct procedure of running a household on the desk in front of him. It was clear she had found the topic dull and boring. Her interest and somewhat formidable writing skills lacked its normal lustre and creativity when she held no interest in the subject in question.
                “No one is really sure, Alaina. They just are. ”
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Elemental's Demise - Chapter One
The child was a pathetic little lump beneath the filthy rags it wore. It was quite obviously malnourished with sunken cheeks and hollow eyes that saw everything and nothing.
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Elemental's Demise - Prologue
If history has taught us anything it’s that people like to meddle. Gods too for that matter, maybe even more so than humans. It was meddling done by Gods that nearly bought about the end of the world three hundred years ago.
The worlds in every realm are kept steady by the equality of the elements within with each element having its own character and power and one day the attention of the Gods was captured by one tiny realm whose elements maintained no balance.
This small realm was home to many races. Like any other realm, some races were stronger than others but here humans and creatures with magical qualities, called wights, worked together, using their strengths and weaknesses to live in harmony. It had member occurred to the Gods that this balance was possible when there was such an imbalance in an environment and yet here it was in this little forgotten realm.
If the little matter of elemental imbalance could be fixed then it would be perfect and so rather than let the realm
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